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Cross Messenger (or XM) is a free of charge instant messaging application that everyone can use as a mean of open communication app with friends, families and businesses.

Enjoy Cross Messenger to be anywhere on any of your devices and able to exchange data conveniently in a highly secure manner, for both your daily day casual talks and professional conversations, with these benefits:

  • Free
  • Stable
  • Intuitive
  • Safe
  • Available for Web, Android and iOS users
  • No Ads
  • No data collection for 3rd parties
  • No leak of information

Our standalone in-house-developed App is also a component of IPTP ERP & CRM system that provides fast, easy but secured communication among business partners, and allows a truly quick and at-anytime-accessible CRM experience.

  • Texting
  • Sending files, images, audio, high-speed top-quality video
  • Creating and managing group chats
  • 4 colour themes
  • Video calls
  • Web conference calls up to 4 participants
  • Screen sharing through video conferencing
  • Integration with IPTP ERP & CRM

Users of IPTP ERP & CRM system will have additional benefits of Cross Messenger which can be fully integrated with it.

Try out our web version now: